Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta

Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta


Breksi Cliff, also known as Tebing Breksi, is a limestone cliff located in Sleman Regency, near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The cliff offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a popular spot for sightseeing and photography. Breksi Cliff’s unique formations and carvings have made it a sought-after destination for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can hike to the cliff’s edge and enjoy stunning views of Mount Merapi and the surrounding countryside. The area’s limestone quarries have also been transformed into art installations and recreational spaces, adding to the charm of Breksi Cliff.


Breksi Cliff is a natural attraction managed by the local community and supported by guides and tour operators. The cliff’s unique limestone formations and art installations make it an appealing destination for adventure enthusiasts and art lovers. Breksi Cliff’s geological features and panoramic views attract both locals and tourists seeking a memorable experience in nature.


Sambirejo, Kec. Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Breksi Cliff is accessible by public transportation or private vehicles. The site offers well-marked trails for hiking and exploration, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. Climbing the cliff offers a thrilling adventure, while the scenic viewpoints provide opportunities for photography and relaxation.

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