Red Island (Pulau Merah) East Java

Red Island (Pulau Merah) East Java


Red Island, locally known as Pulau Merah, is a picturesque island located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The island is famous for its unique red-colored sand, which gives it its name. Red Island offers a tranquil beach experience, and visitors can relax on the sandy shore, swim in the clear waters, and witness breathtaking sunsets. The island is also a popular spot for surfing, attracting surfers looking for uncrowded breaks and beginner-friendly waves. Red Island’s natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere make it an idyllic beach getaway.


Red Island is a natural attraction managed by the local community, who ensure the beach’s cleanliness and safety. The island’s red sand and uncrowded surfing breaks have made it a sought-after spot for surfers, offering a laid-back surfing experience away from the crowds. Red Island’s growing popularity as a surfing destination has led to the development of small accommodation options and surf schools in the surrounding area.


Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia.


Red Island can be reached by public transportation or private vehicles, followed by a short boat ride to the island. The beach is ideal for leisurely strolls, swimming, and surfing. The unique red sand and the stunning sunset views create a romantic ambiance, attracting couples and nature enthusiasts. Red Island’s surfing spots and the relaxed beach environment make it a favorite destination for both surfers and beachgoers.

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