Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta


Parangtritis Beach is a famous coastal destination located in Bantul Regency, near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The beach is known for its dramatic black sand, crashing waves, and breathtaking sunsets. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the shoreline, explore the unique sand dunes, and participate in various water activities, such as surfing and horse riding. Parangtritis Beach is also steeped in local folklore and holds spiritual significance for Javanese people. The beach’s mystical atmosphere and natural beauty make it a captivating destination for relaxation and adventure.


Parangtritis Beach is a popular tourist spot managed by the local government. The beach attracts tourists, locals, and spiritual pilgrims seeking a connection with the mystical aspects of the area. The beach’s black sand and unique sand dunes make it a favorite destination for photographers and nature enthusiasts.


Parangtritis, Kretek, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Parangtritis Beach is accessible by public transportation or private vehicles. The beach is open to the public throughout the day, and visitors can witness the stunning sunset views during the evening. The area offers beachside restaurants and food stalls, allowing visitors to savor local dishes while enjoying the sea breeze.

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