Sam Poo Kong Semarang

Sam Poo Kong Semarang


Sam Poo Kong, also known as Gedung Batu, is a historical temple complex located in Semarang, Indonesia. It is a significant site for the Chinese community and serves as a symbol of cultural heritage and religious harmony. The temple complex consists of several temples and pagodas, featuring intricate Chinese architecture and traditional decorations. Sam Poo Kong attracts pilgrims, tourists, and those interested in learning about Chinese history and culture. The site’s serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it a peaceful and spiritual destination.


Sam Poo Kong is managed by the local Chinese community and supported by religious leaders and volunteers. The temple complex serves as a place of worship, cultural education, and interfaith dialogue. It attracts pilgrims and devotees from different religious backgrounds seeking blessings and spiritual guidance. Sam Poo Kong’s historical significance and cultural value contribute to Semarang’s multicultural identity and foster mutual understanding among diverse communities.


Jl. Simongan No.129, Bongsari, Kec. Semarang Bar., Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.


Sam Poo Kong is easily accessible by public transportation and private vehicles. Visitors can explore the temple complex at their own pace and participate in religious rituals and ceremonies. The architecture and sculptures within the temples depict various aspects of Chinese culture and folklore. The temple complex also hosts cultural events and festivals, providing opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in Chinese traditions.

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